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Popup Condition

You may want to show the Popup only to your specific user groups since it may not be relevant to your other group of users. For example, you want to show a specific popup only for your logged-in user and not the logged-out users or want to show specific offers to your subscribers only but not to the shop-owner.

In such conditions, the block provides you option to configure the conditions as specified below.


By default, the pop-up appears for all the users or roles.

Logged-In Users

Logged In User

Shows popup to only the logged-in users.

Logged-Out Users

Logged Out User

Shows popup to only the logged-out users.

Specific User Roles

Popup Condition Specific Role

Show the popup only to users who have at least one of the selected roles. use WordPress's default user roles

For example: administrator, editor and so on.