Choose a Pattern

Design Library for Choose a Pattern

Here are the steps to add our built-in patterns to your website:

  • Install and activate CM Blocks
  • Open your desired page or post
  • Click on the Design Library button at the top of the editor
  • A popup of design library is displayed.

Design Library button

  • On the left side of the you will see a sidebar with filters like All/Pro, Search Bar, Patterns/Pages, and categories. Design Library button

  • If you click Patterns, you will see patterns such as Banner, Services, Testimonials and so on. You can select a category to filter patterns from a particular group.

  • If you click on Page, you will see full-page patterns. You can select these pre-built patterns for the Home, Portfolio, Contact, and more.

  • Selecting All will display both free and pro patterns, while selecting pro will exclusively show pro patterns.

  • You also have the option to search for patterns using specific keywords using the search bar.

  • Simply click on the pattern, you want to insert into your page or post, and then you can add, remove, or edit the content as needed

  • Lastly, click on Publish to save changes,