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CM Counter is a WordPress Blocks plugin crafted for creation of counters within the WordPress content editor. Counters can display numeric data, milestones, or statistics without the need for extensive coding. The plugin provides various customization options such as Prefix, Suffix, Counter Durations, and diverse styles, empowering users to use the counters to their preferences.

Counter Patterns

CM  Counter Patterns

To use CM Counter blocks, use the + button and search for "CM Counter" to access the block. Jumpstart your design with a choice of over five unique pre-built counter templates, or customize your counter entirely from scratch.

Counter Setting and Styles

Counter options and customization is categorized into Setting and Styles.

CM  Counter settings styles

Counter Setting

CM  Counter Setting


Toggle On the button to enable title in counter. Here you can add the title of a counter.


Give the starting value of a counter.


Here you add the ending value of counter.


Add the time duration for counter to run from start value to end value (1000ms = 1 seconds).


It is the text which can be displayed before the counter value.


It is the text which can be displayed after the counter value.

Thousand Separator

CM  Counter Thousand Separator

Comma (,) and (.) Dots two options are provided as the thousand seperator.

Counter Styles

CM Counter Styles


These are the same default options that WordPress provides. You can alter every text option on the counter, including appearance, font family, line height, text decoration and letter spacing.


Counter Dimensions have options to control padding and margin of the counter.


Border radius and Border can be added in counter from here.


CM  Counter Colors

Colors for the counter background, title, counter text, suffix, and prefix can all be manually changed.

Suffix Gap and Prefix Gap

CM  Counter Colors

This options adds gap between prefix - counter and counter - suffix